IPv6 Training

Instructor-led IPv6 training course

Learn and retain the most with this instructor-led IPv6 training course.

The course provides a well structured understanding of:

  • IPv6 addressing scheme,
  • The various types of addresses machines have,
  • How these types addresses are allocated and are used,
  • What other protocols need to be updated and upgraded,
  • Co-existing with IPv4,
  • The best solutions and current practices for easy migration and implemention to IPv6

By taking this IPv6 course, you will gain a strong, comprehensive understanding of IPv6. You will learn the important new characteristics, how the updated types of IPv6 addresses are allocated and used, and how the implentation of IPv6 will have ripple effect on other protocols. Going forward in the field of telecommunication application development and IP network planning and management this is essential knowledge.

In addition, you will learn the areas that need to be addressed when migrating and implementing IPv6 into operations, and products and services. This knowledge will give you powerful insight into the issues you will need to understand.

You will learn practical solutions and be able to aid in them being immediately applied at your place of work.

This training will help increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

Taking this IPv6 training course is an investment in your own knowledge and skill set.

It is sure to be return the investment many times over!

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